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W5 stock market barometer

The navigator for the stock market

Die Strategie zum Barometer

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The eternal question: buy, hold or sell?

We ourselves faced this question for years.

Whether it's long-term investing or short-term trading. Every investor always asks himself the question of the overarching trend or questions such as, have the markets already overheated, can I still buy, etc.?

Answering this question would take away some investors' uncertainty when investing.

The W5invest stock market barometer is a suitable instrument for answering this question for medium to long-term portfolios.

What does the W5 stock market barometer show?

The W5 stock market barometer shows red or green. If it is in the red, a bearish phase is generally expected. It shows green when, so to speak, there is no greater danger in arrears and the stock market should rather rise. Of course there are no guarantees. Still, it has reliably indicated every crash over the past 25 years. Medium bear markets were also indexed excellently.

Are there any advantages over other stock market barometers?

The big advantage over, for example, the very well-known fear & greed indicator from moneycentral is its clarity.

There is only red or green. The fear & greed index has to be interpreted as it only shows overbought or oversold zones.

It does not provide specific signals to get in or out.


This is exactly what our stock market barometer does. Many sub-sectors flow into it to calculate the current status. Due to the ingenious and multi-layered data collection and processing, our barometer reacts more precisely and faster!

How can the signals be used?

The signals from the barometer are specifically used with the SP500 strategy. The SP500 strategy implements the signals supplemented by an entry and exit technique.

It is bet on rising and falling prices. Consequently, this trading method also works in phases of a stock market crash!

Long-term deposits could, for example, be secured or reduced in phases in which the barometer is pointing to red.


An excellent tool for capital protection.

More information about the structure of the barometer's sections is available here :

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More about the structure of the

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