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Coaching stocks impulse trading

The focus of this training is impulse trading . Impulse trading is a proprietary system development that does not require indicators in trading setup and relies solely on price action.


Price dynamics means trading in trends. It is a trading approach that has to work and that will always endure. How can money be made more easily than in dynamic trends?


World championships are won with this technique.


Further focal points are a sophisticated risk and trade management and the overall market analysis, similar to the W5 stock market barometer.


Good double-digit returns with a very low drawdown are only possible with this overall combination.


The systematically selected positions are usually only held for a few days. In an efficient way, the time required for implementation is very low thanks to our special approach.

Although impulse trading is part of the short-term trading style, in this training you will also learn the basics of the stock market and the golden investment laws of successful long-term investing.

In the course of your training, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the stock market and, after completing your training, you will have other strategies in addition to impulse trading that you can use profitably depending on the phase of the stock market.


The aim of the training is that you independently master short- or long-term investment approaches.

If, at best, you already have some stock market experience but your concept is not yet fully developed, then this training will be worthwhile.

Coaching stocks long-term trading

In this training, the focus is on long-term oriented depots. Achieving stable long-term returns and not looking at stock market prices every day is the motto here. Methods are taught that enable beginners to create sensible portfolios.

Portfolios that are stable and survive the next stock market crash.

Coaching in trading with COT data (Commitment of Traders Report)

At this point we refer to our partner Max Schulz from

"I had doubts about the swing trading strategy and the promised low drawdown. But it was confirmed.

I liked the detailed explanation of the trade management very much and contained many new aspects "

My heartfelt thanks and great respect for the coaching that I was able to enjoy with you.
The program is very structured and provides a deep understanding of the essential relationships on the stock exchanges and the various investment and trading approaches. The focus is always on practical applicability.
The strategies presented are explained in detail and in a comprehensible manner. The performance is proven. The support during the practical exercises is also fast, competent and pragmatic.
An all-round complete package that I can only recommend and that pays for itself in a short time.
Thanks again.

"Good entry into the trading business. The depiction of the connections between short-term and long-term methods is very successful. Everything logically overlaps."

About the coaching


You are aware of the need to invest as the classic savings book no longer offers interest. With inflation of, for example, 5% per year, your money will only be worth half in 10 years.


You also know that you can make money with stocks and that your assets could generate an additional return or pension if you put them to good use.

Where should I start?

Perhaps you initially followed the advice of a consultant or gained your first experience on your own. You bought something here and there.

You may also have burned your fingers. You wouldn't be the first. Incidentally, I felt the same way!


Are you concerned with questions like, is now the right time to invest? Which stocks should I invest in? How can I sort and use the flood of information in the media? My stocks did well, should I sell now? Which advisor can I still believe?


Lots of unanswered questions that mean that you either buy "something" or don't even start.


Before you get shipwrecked, the second decision is actually a good choice! If you don't do anything, you are better than 95% of investors who have a proven record of losing money.


The reason for the poor performance of many private investors is a lack of or immature investment strategy.



The focus of our training is on impulse trading . Impulse trading is a proprietary system development that does not require indicators for trading setup and relies solely on price action. Impulse stands for dynamism here.


Further focal points of the training are our sophisticated risk and trade management and the overall market analysis, similar to the W5 stock market barometer.


Only the overall combination results in good double-digit returns with a very low drawdown .


In the course of my long and unsuccessful career for many years, I have found that the grueling thing about trading is uncertainty. Making decisions, following rules, especially when the portfolio is in a drawdown, were the hardest moments.


There have been excellent years when over 50% was achieved. There were years when only 10% was achieved or losses.

A bad year-end result was not as devastating as the situations in which the portfolio suffered severe losses and one was apparently powerlessly exposed to the whims of the financial markets.


Those frustrating periods, when suddenly all the rules are thrown overboard, have to be mastered!


The desire to achieve above-average performance, which I naturally also pursue, is usually not the problem at all. There are many approaches to make 20% per annum. The associated drawdown of above-average returns and the emotional handling of the drawdown, that is the problem!

How do I cope with the drawdown?

  • Clear rules


With clear rules, we know what to expect but also how to behave. The emotional attrition gives way to mental stability with a full set of rules.


Even if we only touch on the W5 stock market barometer, it is an invention that is based precisely on this philosophy: clear rules, red or green, no room for interpretation.



  • Systems with very little drawdown


Impulse trading is another invention. With this special trading strategy, above-average returns can be achieved with a very low drawdown. Optimal for the nerves and for example as a supplement for long-term depots.



  • Holistic understanding


How does a trend arise or what is a meaningful trend? For example, this is a fundamental question that 9 out of 10 course participants cannot adequately answer.

A dynamic trend is the most important aspect in order to benefit from a price difference quickly and with an increased probability.


Why doesn't Warren Buffet get nervous when the stock market goes downhill?


He stays cool because he looks into the crystal ball every morning but actually has no idea about the matter.

Or is it because of his distinctive expertise?

For they know not what they're doing ...

When you know what, when and why you are doing something, fear gives way to certainty.


Fear arises because often only partial aspects have been learned and the overall picture is missing. As a result, slight changes in a situation can no longer be assessed.


Short-term trading in particular requires a lot of expertise. It also requires more discipline and emotional strength, but is often rewarded with more returns but definitely with less drawdown in the portfolio.

Do we read coffee grounds?


The approaches conveyed, whether long-term or short-term, are basically chart-based approaches. Some see this as reading coffee grounds. Still, a chart says more than 1000 fundamentals. You don't have to study a company's annual reports or consume tons of financial literature to be successful.


On the contrary, I am of the opinion that the average investor is always exposed to the information disadvantage because he has no inside knowledge.


That means, if Otto-Normal studies newspaper reports, he runs the risk:


a) to get caught up in a PR campaign (see Wirecard) or


b) the information is already priced into the current price.


You have around 1 million employees

You also don't have to be Albert Einstein to be a successful investor. The advantage of knowing the fundamental numbers is secondary for you as a retail investor but only for one reason:


1 million investment houses in the world take care of that for you. The swarm intelligence of many investment houses together is driving the course in one direction. And that is reflected in the chart!


So you need to develop the ability to read charts. What does big money do ... we have to recognize that!


My chart technique doesn't know any fibonacci or mysterious indicators. No, the pure price dynamics are decisive.


Do you have common sense?

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

In long-term investments, chart reading alone is unfortunately not quite enough. For this you have to bring another aspect with you, which is called common sense.


If you can answer this question, then you have the necessary common sense:


Would you buy stocks in a DVD or microchip maker?


A little hint:

DVDs are about to die out and in 5 years every bun will come with a microchip.

Casino is ok, but only as the bank

But why are newcomers to investors sometimes so naive and investing their money as if you were going to a casino on the weekend?


It is based on the principle of hope and a little bit of gambling is also fun.


Trading system development takes a lot of time and you don't learn strategies from the newspaper, any more than you learn the hairdressing trade from reading the newspaper every day.


It takes a solid education and / or an enormous amount of time to develop an investment approach on a self-taught basis.


But not everyone has enough time or other development resources (e.g. supporting software) to run a small research and development department.


Another reason for failure is that people are often unaware that they are swimming in a shark tank.


On the contrary, you even consider yourself well-informed because you have previously read a long article about a particular stock in the business section of a newspaper.

You never get the idea that some articles are hidden PR articles.

And there is more to it than knowing that YX is probably a good share, namely a holistic investment concept that will last for decades.


We close the knowledge gap with our training - Finish your search!


Solid basic training is the basis for responsible behavior in the shark tank stock exchange and is an insurance against total failure or large losses.



We trade everything that can be seen on this website. Everything we do is announced and implemented here in real time.


You can check the results. In fact, it is your responsibility to check the results and performance of this website. Then you can be certain that the training will bring added value for you.



Coaching content:


  • Impulse trading

  • Chart technique

  • Trade and money management

  • What, how and why does the stock market work

  • Long-term investment strategies

  • How to Trade Small Accounts Big

  • Strategies that can be used to increase capital tenfold

  • Low drawdown systems

Stop optimizing any indicators. Stop trying to predict the market. Stop buying more books. Stop using indicators for entry and exit. You will never find the right miracle indicator. Trading is something else!


You have to learn which parameters are important. Take the shortcut.

theory :

Duration: 1 month

• Video format approx. 15 hours Self Study

• 4 live sessions, 1 month (every Tuesday)

  Small group coaching

Practice :

Duration: 2 months

• 8 weekly sessions (live analysis + backtesting)

• Practical exercises and joint trading


Training is currently taking place in small groups via Skype.

During the sessions, a dialogue arises when questions arise


Above average performance


Low drawdown


Clear rules


Independent and confident

My goal

My personal goal is to write a success story with you. As with others before you, there should be an AHA moment in each lesson.

Once you learn the basics of trading or long-term investing, it's almost impossible to lose.

I cannot stress enough the importance of the basic rule:    

Don't lose money!

The importance of this statement must be understood in depth.

With a little discipline, the winnings will come naturally.

Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Wiemert Cyprus

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