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Investment strategies and coaching

The reason for the failure of many investors is an incomplete trading system. This creates insecurity and high emotional stress.

The result is incorrect or wrong decisions when investing.


We present 3 ways to success:


1) You will learn complete strategies and become independent and confident

2) They follow tested signals

3) You remain passive and delegate your investment

1) Sie lernen vollständige Strategien und werden unabhängiger Investor

2) Sie folgen geprüften Signalen 

3) Sie bleiben passiv und delegieren Ihre Geldanlage 

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As of:

17. Juli 2024

The W5 stock market barometer reliably warned of severe bear phases, e.g.


2020 corona crisis

2008 financial crisis


Medium bear markets have also been reliably indexed over the past 20 years.


With this stock market barometer, share portfolios can be hedged in a targeted manner.


Rendite machen mit dem Börsenbarometer


Impuls Trading

2018: 48%

2019: 45%

2020: 41%

SP500 Strategie

2020: 35%

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Market Alert Index (MAI) by
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As an investor, the question often arises, buy or sell now?

Is the stock market still rising or is it better to realize profits?

The W5 stock market barometer gives an assessment of the current situation. Ideal for investors who need timing assistance.

This stock market barometer has been doing an excellent job for 25 years.

The necessity of investing money in the stock markets is well known.

However, there is often a lack of a successful investment strategy or uncertainty accompanies investment decisions.

Our training aims to understand the stock market as a whole.


The natural laws of investing are integrated into systems with clear rules.


We accompany you to independence.

Some investors are unsure about their investment decisions or simply do not have the time to do their own analyzes.

With this service we inform you specifically about our order before we place it.

You can find the impressive results of our strategies on this website.

The classic alternative to all active forms of investment is passive investment.

The stock market jungle is very interesting, but not everyone can be enthusiastic about it or has the time for it.

With passive investments, you can benefit from the best without becoming active yourself.


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